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Hey babe! I'm Lauren Eliz Love, the CEO of Badass Business Babe. In 2015 I left my corporate job to pursue a freedom life. I dabble in blogging, entrepreneurship and network marketing trying to find what felt aligned and also grew my income. I spent the first 9 months spinning my wheels, going heavy into debt. Trying to get my business off the ground was hard!

I had a revelation, a shift, and spent over $150,000 on my business education. I learned how to do "all the things" and in less than a handful of months, I went from broke to multiple six figures in my business.

But why did I have to spend all of that money trying to learn things to grow my online empire? Why was it so hard to finally get things to be so easy?

This is why I made it my mission to provide everyone the resources they need to grow their business. EVERY.SINGLE.BIZBABE. No matter what her budget.

Because growing a business should never break the bank.

That's why I created my Free Love Letters subscription based email coaching service. I believe that any girl on a budget deserves the right coaching to make constant never ending improvement in her business.

The Free Love Letters subscription delivers you s short little welcome series and then a weekly email of tips. (These tips aren't available anywhere else on the Badass Business Babe website! )

My intention with the Love Letters subscription service is to keep helping you move towards your goals with a little coaching in your pocket.


Lauren Eliz Love is a critically acclaimed international Life and Business Coach. She specializes in helping online entrepreneurs shift into influencer status and create passive revenue with financial freedom.

She is a #1 Amazon Best Seller, a public speaker and founder of the Badass Business Babe Tribe. She is super passionate about helping women live a life by design - making money doing what they love.



And receive exclusive subscriber only content and promotions!